What is AdB.TC?

AdB.TC is a URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 80% of the advertising revenue. We have also Banner Ads for webmasters.

How does it work?

AdBTC is an innovative service that allows you to earn money from each visitor to your shortened links,Just follow a few simple steps to start earning

  1. To register in AdBTC please click the 'My Account' on our homepage
  2. Fill out the necessary information fields on the signup form and Click Submit button
  3. Now you can log in to your Adbilty account

How can i shorten a link?

simply sign in to your account and click 'New Shorten Link'at the top left of the page ,a form will appear and type the link to your website or other like 'mediafire.com' and click on 'Shorten' button, a URL will be displayed and will look like http://adb.tc/Example. You can also anytime edit/update your Link. Click "Manage Links" then click "Edit" Button

How can i earn money/Bitcoin with my link(s)?

Now that you have an AdBTC URL that is associated with your account you need to share your link(s) on social networks like facebook,twitter and on forums etc... and The easiest way is if you already own a website, you can Shorten URLs already on your website and replace them with AdBTC links. Then your website visitors click on them, you will earn money! If you have something that the people want e.g. an APK, make video about it, and share it with your AdBTC Link!

Am i allowed to have more than one Account?

We allow one account per individual. Creating multiple account can result in the termination of your account, without any payment. if you are a legal entitiy (you are owning a registered company, you are allowed to create again account for your company. Please make sure to replace your name with Company's registered name.)

Do you pay for every view?

We pay for unique visitors in a 24-hour period. But we count traffic from ALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!

Is it okay to ask people to click on my links so that i can make money ?

No. It is essential that the user should click on your short links for the sole purpose of getting to the destination website and not because they were solicited or forced to do so.

I have to invest to join AdB.TC ?

If you wish to join AdB.TC to earn money/bitcoin, you do not need to make any investment or pay anyone money. We pay you! Just If you want to advertise your website on AdB.TC, then yes obviously this costs money and payment is necessary.

How will I be paid ?

We pay out users using PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum,Payeer, Money Wallet, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Bank Tranfer.

How long to receive my profits ?

You can anytime request a withdrawal. it can take up to 1 - 60 days to receive your earnings. Sometimes only  some HOURS. if you wait longer than 60 days, please contact us.

Do you have fees for withdrawals?

Yes, the fees are for all Payment Methods are 7%. In the future will be fees lower for PayPal.

Am I allowed to send worldwide traffic ?

Yes, feel free to send worldwide traffic. Depending on your traffic quality we will offer you the highest possible rates per 1000 views.

Do you have a referral program? how much does it pay ?

If you refer someone, you get 30% of his earnings for life!

How does the referral system work ?

You should only recommend to others persons to join AdB.TCwith your referral link you find it HERE and You receive 30% of the revenue from your referrals.

Can I post a referral link on a PTC website ?

Yes you can, we allow this because advertisers are not paying for the traffic.

How often are my publisher stats updated ?

The stats are updated every 5 minutes.

How i can withdraw my profits ?

You must go to the Profit Withdrawal section and click on the 'Request Withdraw' button. After clicking on it, you will see the status pending, and it is necessary to wait until the approval.

What are the cases where the visitor is not counted ?

The visitor is not counted in some cases if the visitor is not real or uses the ad blocker or is a repeat user or anything contrary to the laws of the publishers is not counted.

I have the visitors on my link

statistic, but not on my earnings ?

Link statistics are calculated by all visitors who entered the link, or profit statistics are calculated only the good ones and the rest not.

What tools does the site provide ?

Our site provides all the adapatic capabilities to make the work on the site become easier and provides you with the convenience of dealing with the site such as quick link, shortcut, group of links, automatic shortcut sites, API developers.

How do I delete/Remove my account ?

Please contact us and request your account to be removed.

What is CPM ?

Is the profit you will get for a thousand visits from a specific country and is different depending on the country coming from which the visitor and the rise and fall, according to the visitor and his country.

My payment order has been canceled, why ?

There are several reasons for your withdrawal request must be canceled, if your payment has been canceled you need to contact us to know exactly the reason.

Will my shortened links ever expire ?

Do you allow to have an anonym account?

Yes, as an advertiser, you can pay ad campaigns without filling out  your contact informations (You canpay with Bitcoin) . you can also access our website with tor browser & VPN to protect your privcay. You are obliged as Publisher fill out your real informations. We can anytime request an ID Verification before withdrawal. if we see you have not filled out your real informations, we are not obliged to pay you out. if it happens multiple times, your account will be permanently deleted  & your IP Address blocked.

You did not find your answer here ? contact us on [email protected]